Earlier this year, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We took a trip to one of our favorite beach getaways and enjoyed the comfortable, familiar surroundings and a 26-mile bike ride he tricked me into. Never ride a bike along the beach – it is NOT as romantic as it sounds.

While we were there, we did all of the typical beach vacation things people do, only in long pants and sweaters because it was January. I tried to capture photos of the scenery that has been the backdrop of my life for the past 15 years: sand dunes, seagulls, tidal pools, shells, and sunshine. I looked like a full-fledged tourist despite the fact that I spend more time on sand than grass. I will never tire of or take for granted the beauty of coastal living.

But one thing stood out to me more than any during our visit. (Be prepared – it’s about to get deep here.) Each day when the tide was at its low, a lone sandbar, unlike the others as it was oval in shape, peeked quietly above the water, appearing to observe and delight in its beautiful surroundings. It was separated from theIMG_8720
expected linear stretches of sandbars elsewhere along the shoreline, and from what I could tell, it was happy and confident in its solitary solidarity. I watched the long stretches of sand accept waves only on one side, while the stand alone mini-island took hits from all directions, waves crashing, strengthening, and shaping the landform until the tide was high and the only friction happening was below the surface.

I identified with that sun-kissed mound of malleable sand in a most refreshing, soul-searching, epiphanic way. I had no idea I was even looking for anything – I was just trying to take a couple of good pictures.

It was then that I finally realized it was time to do something original, meaningful, and all mine. That was January, and it took me until June to figure out just what that was.

Foundatfourty began as a birthday gift to myself – the ability to write about what I want when I want. Sounds kind of selfish, I know, but when I turned 40 this year, I decided it was about time to start doing something JUST for me, and writing on a whim just happens to be my thing.

A few things about me…

We’ve already covered this, but I love to write. I’ve always loved to write, to compose all of the crazy ideas swirling around this head of mine in an organized pattern on paper. Goodness knows that’s the ONLY way they are ever going to get organized.

I’m a homebody. I work from home. I write from home. I’m not agoraphobic. I just love my home and all of the crazy people in it.

I absolutely adore my little six-pack of a family. I had no idea I’d end up having a big family, but there’s one thing I’ve known since I was eight years old: I would invest my heart and soul into building a foundation for my family of love, acceptance, faith, and laughter. It’s certainly not always perfect – we laugh, we cry, we disagree, we apologize, we hug – but we work really hard to get a little better every day.

I have a strict “pull up a chair and chat” policy. If you’re ever a guest in my home, there will be a comfy couch, conversation, and coffee or a carafe at your disposal. I have the same philosophy for this blog. While I can’t serve up an Americano through the screen, you’re always welcome to listen or share.

This gift to myself is not only about creating an outlet that involves doing what I love. My true hope is that what I write happens to be JUST for you in the same way it is for me. I’m abundantly blessed, but if we’re being honest, life is messy, marriage is work, and parenting is as challenging as it is rewarding. We all need a little encouragement and humor for the journey, and if I can make someone laugh, happy cry, or just let them know they aren’t alone in their daily struggles, well, that’s a win for both of us.

I must warn you – I have a tendency to be painfully realistic (don’t worry, I shall not offend), but my aim is to tell it like it is in the most relatable and encouraging way possible. Join me as I navigate my way through the good, the bad, and the unpredictable chaos that is my fourth decade of life. No fluff, no primp, no-nonsense, no joke. Well, maybe just a few.


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