Daily To Don’ts

As a part of my writing class this week, we were asked to come up with a “To Don’t List” as an exercise in humorous writing that contradicts our daily “To Do’s.” Apparently, it was supposed to be much more succinct than how my list turned out, but, hey, I tend to get carried away. I guess I have a few more things to focus on NOT doing than the rest of my classmates. As it turns out, this little exercise was pretty refreshing, kind of like making New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of September, and it almost kept me in check for the entire day. Almost.

Things To Don’t – Tuesday September 2nd

  • Hit the snooze button more than once. You don’t really want to chase the bus down in your pajamas – again.
  • Fail to brew that second cup of coffee. It is vital for the survival of you and the rest of your family members. One cup just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Forget to pack the kids a snack. No one wants to hear them complain about how “hangry” they are.
  • Use the word “hangry.” I know it’s just been introduced to the dictionary and all, but let us show some respect for the English language.
  • Don’t yell. At anyone. Not the kids. Not the ridiculously slow drivers on the way to class. Not your husband. No one. This will not only lower your blood pressure, but it will also save the feelings – and hearing – of your loved ones. (This one MIGHT have been suggested to me by one of my beloved offspring.)
  • Park in a faculty parking spot on campus, even if the dirt on the curb has almost covered the denotation.
  • Sweat the small stuff. It will still be there tomorrow, as will the laundry.
  • Pass the roses without stopping to smell them. And by roses, I mean children. And by smelling, I mean hugging. Although smelling them might be a good idea, too.
  • End up on the news. This is an admirable goal for any day.

Comment below and let me know what’s on YOUR “To Don’t List” for today? I’m off to brew that second cup of coffee…

2 thoughts on “Daily To Don’ts

  1. don’t try to cram “one more” thing into our already too busy schedule….getting Brady ready for soccer camp in Germany and the rest of us packed up for Slovenia this weekend, bake my co-worker her favorite muffins on her last day (and deliver them in my day off), quick stop at commissary then football, soccer and tennis lessons…

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